Why Greenhill


In 1974 Leonard “Lenny” Greenberg founded Greenhill, leaving a thriving brokerage to strike out on his own. In the nearly 50 years since then, we have built a diverse portfolio spanning office, retail, warehouse and multi-family properties in some of the most desirable locations in the Washington DC Metro area.

We have consistently been ahead of the market and at the forefront of development in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland commercial real estate markets, providing expertise and outstanding service to brokers, businesses and developers. With unparalleled historical market knowledge, a deep regional network, small business roots and unmatched negotiating skills, we know how to make great transactions happen.


  • To Build Strong Relationships

    This business is not about property. It is about people and relationships. We will not forget that.
  • To Remain Nimble

    Our lean organizational structure allows us to get ahead of the market and to react quickly to opportunities.
  • To Be Responsive

    If you have a question or an issue, you can reach one of us directly and we will get back to you fast.
  • To Stay True

    We have remained a small business with big capabilities intentionally. We will never become the “big guy” but we will always keep up with him.
  • To Keep Connected

    We can relate to many of the small businesses we serve because that is who we are at our core.
  • To Forge Great Partnerships

    We will do everything in our power to close sound transactions quickly and with long-term objectives top of mind.


At Greenhill, we know exactly who we are—an agile, responsive, community-focused company that is committed to creating enduring value for the businesses we are proud to serve.

We've Been There.

We understand that finding the right space at the right price for the right terms is vital to starting, maintaining or growing your business.

For nearly 50 years, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find the right home for their business. Whether your start up has grown too big for your basement office or you are on the fast track to growth and expansion, the Greenhill team can relate and knows from firsthand experience what you need: a partner that is responsive, flexible, keeps its word and sees beyond “property” to the entrepreneurs and families behind it.

Greenhill's Core Values

Our handshake is our word


We have built our strong reputation across more than four decades of responsive service and through closing hundreds of pragmatic, financially sound agreements.


Our team takes great pride in living up to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Every day. Every transaction. Every lease. Every relationship. All the time.


To us, telling it like it is and operating ethically is just what we do. We’ll be upfront and keep our word. That’s how great contracts get done and how relationships stay strong.


These communities are our homes and are made up of the neighborhoods where brokers, business owners and our partners live and raise their families. We believe in the communities where we operate and give back any way we can.

Washington DC Metro Area Real Estate.

We've been building enduring value for our partners since 1974.